Are you a company or local trust interested in being an active part in increasing leadership capability in the Waikato?

Do you feel it’s time to give back to the very community your business has grown from?

Sponsorship Options

We want to ensure anyone who wants to help fuel our foundation, can. That is why we have three types of sponsorship options available.

Programme Sponsor

To become a programme sponsor, you pay for two seats on our programme. One for a business leader with your own organisation, and another for a hand-picked community leader.

Sponsorship at this level is NZ$25,000 which reserves two spots on the CELF Elevate Programme.

Once you become a sponsor, you receive complementary tickets to CELF short-courses and events.

Service Sponsor

For those who have skills to help us grow, whether that be in graphic design, photography, web design, PR, or social media, you can donate your services as an in-kind sponsorship.

How much you donate is up to you, but it is typically up to NZ$10,000.

As a service sponsor, you get complementary tickets to CELF short-courses and events.

Short Course Sponsor

As a short course sponsor, we use the same CELF funding model. You buy two seats for one (or more) of our short courses. One seat will go to a leader within your own business. The other will be offered to a hand-picked community leader to attend. This type of sponsorship starts at NZ$1,500

This is perfect if you'd like to up-skill your team and community leaders but may not have the budget for the CELF Elevate Programme.

CELF is a Registered Charitable Trust

All sponsorship is considered a donation, in which financial costs can be offset on your annual tax. Not only do you get to increase the leadership capability of the Waikato, but you also do good at the same time.

Join other regional change-makers

We’re honoured to have these incredible partners on our leadership journey. If you become a sponsor, you’re in good company.

Ready to take your organisation and the Waikato to the next level?

It all starts with a conversation and a commitment to make a positive impact